• Christy Caldwell

    Computer Science Librarian
  • Eric Kaltman

    PhD Candidate at UCSC Expressive Intelligence Studio

    Eric was a member of the Preserving Virtual Worlds II project team, which investigated archival significant properties for computer games. From 2008-2012 he was a project archivist for the digital games collections at Stanford University, cataloging and archiving the Cabrinety Collection and Steve Meretzky's Infocom Papers.He has a BA in History and Asian Studies from the University of Michigan, an MA in Asian Studies (Chinese) from UC Berkeley, and will hopefully have a MS and PhD in Computer Science at some point in the future.

  • James Ryan

    PhD Student at UCSC

    James is a member of UCSC's Expressive Intelligence Studio and Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab, where his developing research agenda explores the intersection of computational linguistics and digital games. Previously, he worked at the University of Minnesota on several projects applying natural language processing and machine learning to unstructured clinical text. He holds an MS in Health Informatics and a BA in Linguistics, both from the University of Minnesota.

  • Marcia Barrett

    Head of Technical Services

    Marcia is current president of the Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) and has served on a number of cataloging best practices task groups.  Prior to her position at the University of California Santa Cruz, she worked as Cataloger for Special Collections at The University of Alabama. She holds a BM and MLS from The University of Alabama.

  • Noah Wardrip-Fruin

    Associate Professor of Computer Science and co-director of the Expressive Intelligence Studio

    His books include The New Media Reader (MIT Press, 2003) and Expressive Processing (MIT Press, 2009). Recent projects include Prom Week (2012 finalist at IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival) and the 2014 report of the Media Systems project: "Envisioning the Future of Computational Media" (a project supported by the NSF, NEH, NEA, Microsoft Studios, and Microsoft Research). He holds an MFA and PhD from Brown University, an MA from New York University, and a BA from the Johnston Center at the University of Redlands.